G.I.F.T.'s 2020
Annual Report

Rise Up. Speak Up. Join Up.

Since May of 2020 through April of 2021, GIFT has raised $443,369.68 and has had 100 Black owned businesses apply for grant funding. We have given out $227,000 to 14 different grant applicants and spent an additional $12,270 on technical assistance for the grant recipients.

As a result of the $227,000 awarded through the GIFT Grant Program, we have seen 22 jobs created in these businesses so far, 7 jobs saved, at least 8 more jobs projected by Q4 2021, and an average of 178.7% growth in business revenue between them.

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2020 Kansas City 
Black Business Report 
Presented By G.I.F.T.

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In this report, we'll talk about what we've learned about Black businesses in Kansas City so far, the diversity, the wealth opportunities and challenges black entrepreneurs face. Since October 1st we've had over 70 businesses apply for funding from G.I.F.T. At the time we began working on this report, we had 56 grant applications. The findings in this report come from those 56 businesses. That means that this is not an extensive report on the Black businesses of Kansas City at large, but of what we have found so far doing this work.