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Karis Harrington/Chief Of Business Development

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Attention all Black-owned businesses in specific regions of Kansas City, MO! We're thrilled to offer an enhanced version of our grant program, meticulously designed to uplift, strengthen, and support your endeavors.

We now award TWO exceptional grants every quarter, with amounts reaching up to $25,000. This is your opportunity to soar, make a profound community influence, and secure a prosperous future for your business.

Our mission is to foster growth, create employment opportunities, and instigate transformative change in Kansas City. Partner with us to turn this vision into a reality!

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Identify as a Black-owned business.
2. Must be located in our designated regions:
   - Kansas City, MO: 9th st. to Bannister, from Troost to Hardesty.
   - Also serving: South Kansas City, Raytown, and Grandview.
3. The business must have been revenue-generating for at least three months.
4. Have plans or ventures that are or will be revenue-generating.
5. Be poised for scaling and expanding your enterprise.
6. Demonstrate a potential or current positive community influence.
7. Commit to job creation and bolstering the local economy.
8. Present a well-structured plan detailing how the grant will boost your business's revenue.


Application Requirements:

- The business must be majority Black-owned and operate within our designated regions.
- Provide a comprehensive, itemized breakdown of how the grant funds will be used. This should emphasize the expected long-term impact on business growth.
- Eligible expenditures include payroll, inventory, fixed costs (rent, equipment, lease, etc.), and other routine operational expenses. Priority will be given to initiatives that have the most potential for creating jobs.
- Submit proof of your business structure and a recent financial statement. Failure to do so will lead to application disqualification.
- Applicants might be summoned for an interview with our Board of Directors for further evaluation.

Get ready to harness this fantastic opportunity. **To apply, please fill out our application form and submit a nominal fee of $25.** Your small investment today might be the stepping stone to tomorrow's grand success.

Grant Deadlines:

- January 2024 Grant - January 9
- April 2024 Grant - April 9
- July 2024 Grant - July 9
- October 2024 Grant - October 8

Dive in and make your mark! Apply for the Kansas City G.I.F.T. grant program today. Let's co-create a brighter, more prosperous future for our beloved community!

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