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 GIFT Grant Application

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Application Class

  • 1. Identify as a Black-owned business.
    2. Must be located in our designated regions:
       - Kansas City, MO: 9th st. to Bannister, from Troost to Hardesty.
       - Also serving: South Kansas City, Raytown, and Grandview.
    3. The business must have been revenue-generating for at least three months.
    4. Have plans or ventures that are or will be revenue-generating.
    5. Be poised for scaling and expanding your enterprise.
    6. Demonstrate a potential or current positive community influence.
    7. Commit to job creation and bolstering the local economy.
    8. Present a well-structured plan detailing how the grant will boost your business's revenue.

  • - The business must be majority Black-owned and operate within our designated regions.
    - Provide a comprehensive, itemized breakdown of how the grant funds will be used. This should emphasize the expected long-term impact on business growth.
    - Eligible expenditures include payroll, inventory, fixed costs (rent, equipment, lease, etc.), and other routine operational expenses. Priority will be given to initiatives that have the most potential for creating jobs.
    - Submit proof of your business structure and a recent financial statement. Failure to do so will lead to application disqualification.
    - Applicants might be summoned for an interview with our Board of Directors for further evaluation.

    Get ready to harness this fantastic opportunity. **To apply, please fill out our application form and submit a nominal fee of $25.** Your small investment today might be the stepping stone to tomorrow's grand success.

  • - January 2024 Grant - January 9
    - July 2024 Grant - July 9
    - October 2024 Grant - October 8

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